The Bell Family – Outdoor Family Photography, Brewer ME

Outdoor Family Photography

I love outdoor family photography!  It allows for the kids to have fun and run and play and it really lets me capture who they are.  Plus the lighting is so beautiful an hour or two before sunset.  One of my favorite parts about family photos, is that I usually know the families, and if not I get to know them through the process.  It makes me so happy to capture the love and beauty of people I know.  I’m lucky to be able to carve out this 1 on 1 time (or 1 on 5 time …haha) to get to know them better and have fun with them while getting paid for it.  Best.  Job.  Ever.

Taking these photos meant a lot to me!  I’ve known Crissy since I was in high school.  Her two older sisters are twins, and were two of my best friends.  Crissy was like a little sister to me.  I lived with them and their mother for almost a year when I was 15.  Such a sweet family, and though we all lost touch, I’ll never forget how close we were during that time.  I’m so thankful that she loved my photos enough to hire me and as a result I was able to get to know her family.  These three children are beautiful and fun and smart and I can’t wait to see them again! 🙂

Brewer ME-family-photo-1 Brewer ME-family-photo-2 Brewer ME-family-photo-3 Brewer ME-family-photo-4 Brewer ME-family-photo-5 r Brewer ME-family-photo-7 Brewer ME-family-photo-8 Brewer ME-family-photo-9 Brewer ME-family-photo-10 Brewer ME-family-photo-11 Brewer ME-family-photo-12 Brewer ME-family-photo-13 Brewer ME-family-photo-14 Brewer ME-family-photo-15 Brewer ME-family-photo-16 Brewer ME-family-photo-17 Brewer ME-family-photo-18 Brewer ME-family-photo-19
There were so many favorites from this session, that it was hard for me to choose only a few to show you!  Thanks again to the Bell family for choosing me to do their photos! 🙂