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Family pictures can be so much fun with the right photographer. You may have a lot of questions already or you may not have any idea what you should ask. Some people know exactly what they want to wear and where they want to have a photography session and others have no ideas at all! Maybe you like candid, carefree and unposed photos, but also want to be sure you get the traditional all looking and smiling family pictures. What about retouching? Is it included or will you need to pay extra? Is your head spinning yet? Sweet Life Memories Photography offers a fun and carefree experience that rewards you with beautiful artistic portraits of your family displayed in your home. That experience starts here with you checking out my work and me answering your most immediate questions. If you’d rather talk to a person, give me a call at 207-852-1691. I’d love to chat!

Please take a minute to look at some of my work.  Each photo links to a blog post of family pictures with more of my favorites from that session. FAQ’s are listed below.



















Family Pictures faq


Do you have a studio? Can you shoot family pictures inside my home or do you shoot outside only?

I do both! The studio is located at 46 Holyoke Street in Brewer, Maine. Custom backgrounds are available. I love to have sessions inside your home. Photographing you being you right in your own home is such a beautiful thing. Many people prefer outdoor family pictures and I love to shoot outdoors as well. I have many different outdoor location ideas to share but am also open to traveling anywhere that is special to you.

What should we wear for our family pictures?

This is one of the hardest question for everyone! Even if you’re good at coordinating outfits, this can be a tough one. These portraits will be displayed in your home forever. I mean, no pressure or anything! I have so much great information on what to wear and guidelines to follow. Depending on who’s being photographed and what our session plan consists of the advice can vary from session to session. We will discuss this information in detail over the phone or in-person at our pre-consultation. Personal shopping help is provided as an additional service as well!

Will you pose us for the family pictures?

I will pose you, but not in a stiff and formal way. Posing is important to ensure that you look your very best in your photos. I’ll help you with some general tips along the way and may provide specific directions to avoid anything distracting. Once you’re in a flattering position, I’ll talk to you and get you to relax into the pose so that it looks very natural. I provide direction in a very fun, relaxed and natural way. I also keep shooting through the unplanned moments as candid, unposed photos are my absolute favorite kind. You’ll be so busy being directed and entertained that you won’t have time to feel awkward or uncomfortable.

What if I have a pimple or a double chin in my photos, will you fix it?

All of your family pictures will be fully retouched. Any pimples, spots or uneven skin tones will be taken care of. You’ll be posed in the most flattering ways and this will normally take care of a double chin, if there is a great shot and you pull your head back by mistake I will fix it after the fact in photoshop and you’ll never know it was there.

Do you include any family pictures in black and white?

When you view your family pictures for the first time at our ordering appointment, there will be a full color version and a black and white version of each image so you can see which you prefer. Any digital files purchased will automatically include the black and white versions as well. 

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact me and ask!

If you’d like to see what a full studio session of family pictures looks like, take a look at the video below.  There were many photos included in this collection since it was an extended family session as well as a cake smash at the end!


This is a quick video of myself so that you can see who I am and a little of what I do.

Please visit my pinterest board for more examples of my work. You’ll also find ideas and inspiration there!


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