Family Photo Session – Brewer ME Photographer

This was a fun family shoot that we had last summer! Anytime kids are involved, the perfect family portrait is hard to achieve. With each additional child the all looking all smiling shot gets more and more difficult. This fact could play a small part in my preference of lifestyle photography over traditional posed family portraits! 🙂 No, really though, I absolutely love capturing families as they are, doing the things they love to do. This first photo was their favorite, and we were very lucky to get such a great portrait for them to hang on their wall. My favorite of their family shots is definitely the last one!


Cade was having a really hard time concentrating on me and my attempts at making him laugh, due to the HUGE bullfrogs at this location! I learned that he and his mom are famous for catching bullfrogs, they do it all the time! How amazing for those boys to have such a cool mom! That’s one of those things that I wish I could do, but ewwww I just couldn’t! We took a short break and she caught this one for him. He was so happy!

I’m so lucky to know this family and also to have them as clients. Jen is one of my biggest supporters and I can’t thank her enough for all of her referrals! Thank you!